Flmsg Custom HTML Forms

Use and Installation

Flmsg accommodates custom forms that are created in HTML. These are generally local or regional forms as opposed to the broad usage standard forms (e.g. ICS, radiogram, etc. ) that are native to flmsg.

Custom forms are installed in a specific folder (in Windows, User - NBEMS files - CUSTOM) and may be selected from the Forms menu. Further information on custom forms may be found in the flmsg help at http://w1hkj.com/files/flmsg/ .

It is important that each station that uses a particular form have the same revision of the form. Otherwise it may not be possible to populate or view a form properly.

Available Forms

For all of the custom forms, DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME WHEN YOU SAVE IT! Changing the file name will render the form unusable.

Local: 9-Line ICS Report 18 January 2017. To download, right click and save.

American Red Cross Disaster Services forms: Public archive at http://w1hkj.com/files/flmsg/templates/ . These forms are being used by the Gold Country Region ARC in Sacramento, CA and fully replicate the printed versions.


For comments or questions, please contact KB1TCE at kb1tce(atsign)maine-ares(dot)org