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Frequency Chart

This is essentially the frequency chart that has been used for a number of years. There aa potential issue with a few of the simplex frequencies that are now designated as repeater frequencies per the new (January 2015) NESMC 2 meter band plan. NESMC does have a copy of our plan.

A new addition is the set of simplex frequencies that are being used by the Cumberland Emergency Communications Team (ECT). This is the W1SSM group that is supporting the Cumberland County EMA.

Some repeater information is missing and there is very little for DMR or other digital voice modes. Anyone who can add more information is invited to contact the SEC.

Maine ARES Frequencies (pdf) Updated October 2019

Communications Operating Modes

Voice is always the default but where do the digital programs and systems fit in?

This pair of one-page charts is an attempt to provide some guidance. The first chart speaks to the best use of each mode. The second chart provides basic information on the various digital modes including program names, sources and intended uses.

Modes and Programs (pdf)

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