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Maine Amateur Radio Emergency Service®
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Updated 20 November, 2017

November: Adjustments to the York County repeater lisitngs and a new look for the site (in progress).

July 24 - Message Exercises Continued and Expanded: The "Late Spring" and Supplemental Fire & Ice exercises are being extended and expanded. No time limits. They vary from basic messaging skills that all hams should possess to ones with a little more complexity. Follow this link for details. All Maine ARES/RACES hams are invited to participate.

Recent: Added the secondary repeater for Androscoggin County, fixed the PL for the Lincoln County repeater. Added more detail on the Traffic page. Added flmsg official Red Cross forms link.

New for 2017: New pages on flmsg, getting started with Winlink Express and participating in the weekly Winlink exercises. These pages are linked from the Digital Communications page. There are also updates to the Maine emergency frequencies chart and Formal Traffic Handling page.

Amateur ("Ham") radio operators are uniquely skilled and equipped to provide backup disaster communications for served agencies during or after incidents that create a communications emergency. When you hear of a major hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or terrorist attack, you will hear that hams have assisted when the normal communications became overloaded or rendered inoperable. Notable events have included Hurricane Katrina, 9-11 and the Boston Marathon.

Served agencies can include those at the local, state or the federal level. Hams also support non-governmental relief agencies such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. Hams can also support their local communities through "neighborhood watch" type programs as well as provide communications support for public events such as parades, races and numerous other community activities. All of this is done free of charge.

All FCC-licensed amateur radio operators are eligible to join ARES, which is an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) affiliated program. The application form may be downloaded from the ARES Information page. Fill it out and submit it to the Maine Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) or your closest Emergency Coordinator (EC) to become involved in your local ARES group. The various Emergency Coordinators are listed on the Contact page.